Congratulations on the purchase of your new Lennox Heating and Cooling System.  Whether this is part of a new home construction or a replacement system in an existing home, there are a few important things that you need to know about your new system.

First you need to register your equipment with Lennox. If your equipment is either Elite Series or Merit Series equipment, you may be eligible to extend the parts warranty from five years to ten.  The labor warranty is one year from the date of installation or on new home construction one year from the date of move in. This applies on all makes and models. The warranty does not cover issues due to lack of maintenance, i.e. not replacing the air filter.  Lennox does not extend the parts warranty on heat packs.  These have a five year warranty. 

This needs to be done within the first 60 days.  You can register the equipment on-line with Lennox or call Lakeside Heating, Inc. to have us register the equipment for you.  To do it yourself go to select Residential, then select support and scroll down to product registration.  Then click on register my product.  You’ll need the serial numbers of the Air Handler and Heat Pump or Air Conditioning unit plus the model and serial number of the heat pack.  This information is included below.  You will also need your complete physical address and the equipment installation date or on new homes, your move in date.  Select “I’ve got it, let’s get started”.  Select existing or new construction, install date, or day you took possession of your new home.  Select YES to all three questions.  Enter the equipment location address. If this is a replacement system, you can enter the manufacturer of the equipment being replaced.  You then will be able to select Lakeside Heating, Inc. to receive an email as a confirmation of your registration.  This insures that your customer information reflects the correct parts warranty.

Lakeside Heating, Inc. can provide a price for an extended warranty that provides complete parts and labor coverage for 10 years.  It covers all equipment including the thermostat (if new with installation) and heat pack.  Some repairs are very expensive and in some cases can exceed $1,000.00 in labor, fees and refrigerant.  Proper maintenance is required and no warranty covers issues related to lack of maintenance.

The maintenance of your new system is extremely important.  The use of a good quality filter is number one.  In most applications our Tri-dim filters are the best you can use.  These filters have a special coating on one side and when properly installed, provide a 100% dust seal.  A good quality filter is going to be required to be replaced more often, but keeping the dust and dirt out of the Air Handler and ducting is most important.