20 Point Tune Up

Dear Homeowner,

Now that you have purchased a “Energy Efficient” heating system for your home or business, Lakeside Heating, A/C and Hearth Products, Inc. would like to offer you some great tips on using your new heating & cooling system in both the summer and winter months. Applying these helpful tips will insure your system to run effectively, keeping your home at a comfortable temperature and saving money on your electric bill year round.

Summer Months

  1. Your filters should be changed every three (3) to six (6) months with Tri-dem or pleated filters. This is a very important step in maintaining your system. If the filters are dirty, your system will not run at proper efficiency due to lack of airflow. This can cause maintenance issues and possibly damage your system.
  2. Run the indoor fan in the “on” position to help moderate temperature in the home, especially in multi floor homes. Keep leaves and debris away from the outside of the heat pump and/or air conditioning unit.
  3. During the summer months, keep a 15 to 20 degree split between indoor/outdoor temperature, as this will keep your system at its maximum efficiency.
  4. If the indoor temperature is rising and the A/C is on check the airflow at the vents. If there is no airflow turn the system to “OFF” position and fan to “ON” at the thermostat and then call for service.

Winter Months

  1. In the heating mode the colder it gets the less effective the heat pump becomes. If your system runs continuous and you see the “AUX HEAT” displayed on your thermostat switch to “EMERGENCY HEAT”. This usually happens around 15 to 20 degrees. Remove heavy snow/ice from all sides of the heat pump. It is normal operation for a heat pump fan to stop and the unit to steam. This is the defrost mode. Also different heat pump modes have different “Balance Points” (That is the point, when there are no more BTU’s to pull from the atmosphere). Ask your dealer what your balance point is.
  2. Change your filters every three (3) to six (6) months with Tri-dem or pleated filters. As in summer, please make sure your filters are clean. This is probably the most important step in maintaining your system.
  3. Make sure to keep your temperature set back to within five (5) degrees. This will help by not having your system work in excess.
  4. If the power is “OFF” for more than one (1) hour, especially during cold weather DO NOT use the outdoor heat pump. Place on emergency heat for approximately six (6) hours AFTER power is restored, your compressor could be damages.

Planned Maintenance Service

We do offer a spring and fall maintenance service to all of our customers. This includes our “20 POINT PLANNED SERVICE” plus a Tri-dem filter. Please call our office to get on our preferred customer list and we will notify you when it’s time for you spring and fall checkup.